The business of politics had never descended to such low depths as it has now, mainly because of the presidents style of politics. His policy of reconciliation actually is a policy of retreat, surrender and compromise. But he is so proud of it that he keeps offering to teach the other political leaders also. Let us see what we have learned from him so far. He has only taught that that agreements are not holy scriptures, meaning that going back on one's word is quite alright. If this is what he had taught his son and heir, then God help us. As more political leaders see this unprincipled approach to politics as a winning formula, it is fast becoming the norm and not the exception. My question is, have we not contributed to the sorry state of the country by our acquiescence. By not attempting to voice our opinion in the print media and on the electronic media we are doing a disservice to the country. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, October 13.