LAHORE - With Eidul Azha a day away, the Punjab capital has seen a sudden surge of beggars out to earn some money for celebration Eidul Azha. Traffic signals and market places are their main targets.  In bazaars, buyers are bound to have frequent encounters with them.

Regal Chowk, Shahdaman, Muslim Town Morr, Garhi Shahu, Ichhra, Anarkali, Moon Market, Chowk Data Darbar, Chouburji, Baghbanpura, Railway Station and Badami Bagh are their favourite places.  Since a majority of people in our society think it a matter of great blessing for them to give alms without any discrimination between the deserving and undeserving, beggars cash in one it and mint money.

People who don’t give alms to the beggars are chased by them. Their scolding and even hard words fall flat on the beggars. According to a survey, there are around 300 beggars in the city. A majority of them are teenage boys and girls from northern areas. A sizeable number of nomads is also involved in the business.