Now that the Metro Bus Service project is running successfully, we still see many owl-critics criticizing it just for the sake of criticizing PML-N. Not surprisingly, most of the criticism has come from politicians belonging to rival parties. While criticism should be constructive, praise should be given where it is due.

Generally, apart from this fascinating project, there are other things that we are not noticing. Clans and established political dynasties are coming and going and we see democracy growing and thriving but the situation of the country, we are told is beyond redemption and that it is deteriorating by the hour. Every man is thinking ‘what will happen’ in future because there is so much anxiety and suspicion and also given the high incidence of bomb blasts. Next time, it could me, we are all are thinking.

Yet we must not lose hope because that is the only thing we have. Take that away and the average man will crumble like a mudfort in monsoon. Hopefully, the present setup led by PML-N and the former cricket star Imran Khan will also do something concrete to eradicate terrorism. They have no right to embrace the terrorists who have killed thousands of Pakistanis and even massacred the minorities.

But whatever they are up to, -- God willing they succeed -- or anyone else for that matter, they should not take away whatever little hope the people have.

M. I. Faiz,

Lahore, October 14.