In this dear homeland of ours, rule of law, respect for fundamental rights which we read in the books of political science, law and governance, constitution of Pakistan etc. are literally invisible. A high standard of behavior including honesty and candidness in the course of the work of the bureaucracy and technocracy is rarely found. Transparency and accountability are only found in the book of constitution and not in society. Taxpayers’ money, which is a sacred trust, is squandered by the federal and provincial organizations. Our corruption watchdogs are also sold to the highest bidder and fail to show any results.

To be honest, Pakistan is not the Pakistan which was envisaged by the founding fathers. In Pakistan today, we have war against terror, militancy and extremism, tribal war in Sindh and Balochistan, famines and drought in Balochistan and Sindh, hyper inflation, lawlessness and acute energy crisis.

Like many other patriotic Pakistanis, I am depressed with the prevailing state of affairs in the country and some relevant questions arise. Why are our ruling elite and our all powerful bureaucracy not honest, and make no genuine efforts to take the resources rich country out of crisis once and for all?

If my ill-fated generation is to suffer we would at least want to see something better for our posterity? However, it is proposed that a Federal Ethics Commission may be setup with the mandate to promote ethical values among all main stakeholders in the government and governance, particularly, the employees at levels for an efficient and effective service delivery to the people of Pakistan.


Islamabad, October 13.