This is with reference to news of dismissal of a case for extradition of Abdul Haffez Sheikh, the design engineer who should have been held responsible for collapse of Margalla Towers in F-10, from Athens. The powerful land developer’s mafia, in league with bureaucracy, ensured that no request for extradition was submitted in statutory period of 40 days, which resulted in technical default which made bringing him back impossible and holding him accountable out of the question!

Let us face the ugly truth that we have no accountability in our country as well as holes in our justice system. Here the civil or uniformed bureaucracy and political elite cannot afford a precedent to be set, for accountability. Those who died in Margalla Towers are dead and buried, while those responsible for negligence, live and can influence the way our degenerated system works.

As it is, human life has no value in Pakistan, nor does our government believe it owes anything to the public, neither does our paid bureaucracy consider themselves servants of people, or answerable to them. After all the CDA has served interests of those who matter in Pakistan by facilitating them with expensive real estate, granting approval to buildings that do not comply with Building By Laws and Safety Regulations, or co-operating with powerful real estate developers and land mafia.

No wonder, nobody wants an independent honest NAB Chairman to be appointed in Pakistan. The only hindrance is Supreme Court, who under Chief Justice Iftikhar still are hopeful of providing justice to common tax-paying citizens of this country, taking suo motto notice on matters, which legally elected government and paid bureaucracy are bound to by the constitution, but which they consider not worthy to be bothered about.


Lahore, October 9.