LAHORE - Jamaat-i-Islami amir Syed Munawar Hasan says the existence and progress and prosperity of Pakistan is guaranteed by Islam alone.

In his message to the nation on the occasion of Eidul  Azha, he said that the Eid day had dawned in an atmosphere that the Muslims all over the world, especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Kashmir,  Myanmar and Afghanistan are being crushed by the tyrannical forces.

The US had declared a war against the Muslims and had killed millions of innocent Muslims.

In Egypt, an elected government  had been toppled by the army and citizens staging peaceful protest over  the military rule had  been  bulldozed and crushed under  tanks.

 In Pakistan, he said,  men, women and children were falling victim to the drone attacks, while   the masses were the victim of the tyranny and injustice of the so-called democratically elected rulers. The party coming into power in the wake of the May 11 elections was lobbing the bombs of  hike in the prices of POL, electricity and gas. The prices had registered one hundred per cent increase during the last four months, making the life of the common miserable.

The JI chief said that in order to get rid of the corrupt rulers, the masses would have to unite and come on the streets against the loot and plunder of their money and bring forward a leadership that was honest, competent and capable of pulling them out of the present mess.

 He said that so far, the PML(N) and the PPP had fixed their turns in power and were protecting each other’s corruption and misdoings. This process must come to an end if the lot of the common man was to be improved, he said.