Pakistan’s large scale manufacturing (LSM) sector has shown healthy growth of 6.54 percent in first couple of months (July-August) of the ongoing current fiscal year 2013-2014 against the corresponding period of last year despite acute power crisis in the country.

According to latest figures released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the Quantum Index Number (QIM) of Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) industries stood at 112.15 points during July-August 2013-2014 as compared to 105.27 points of the corresponding period of its preceding year. The production data received from the Oil Companies Advisory Committee (comprising 11 items), Ministry of Industries and Production (36 items) and the Provincial Bureaus of Statistics (65 items) revealed that each sector contributed 1.05pc, 1.53pc and 3.95pc respectively to the total growth figure.

Meanwhile, the growth of LSM sector has recorded growth of 7.16 percent during August 2013 against the same month of the previous year. The Quantum Index Number of LSM industries stood at 111.5 points in August 2013 as compared to 104.05 points of August 2012.

The Quantum Index Numbers (QIN) of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries has been computed in the FBS on the basis of latest production data of 112 items received from various sources i.e. Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC), Ministry of Industries & Production and Provincial Bureaus of Statistics. The OCAC supplied the data of 11 items, the Ministry of Industries & Production supplied the data of 36 items and Provincial Bureaus of Statistics provided data for 65 items.

The official data revealed that following sectors registered positive growth in July-August 2013-14 period against the same period of last year: textile, 2.82 percent, food, beverages and tobacco 18.39 percent, coke and petroleum products 15.49 percent, paper and board 15.69 percent, fertilizers, 31.65 percent, pharmaceutical 2.18 percent, electronics, 19.39 percent, iron and steel products, 3.21 percent, leather products 13.13 percent and chemicals 0.39 percent during period under review of the ongoing fiscal year 2013-14 against its preceding year.

According to the PBS data, following sectors registered negative growth in July-August 2013-14 against the same period of last year: rubber products, 7.24 percent, wood products 13.85 percent, engineering products 21.2 percent and automobiles 7.57 percent and non metallic mineral products 6.03 percent during first two months of the current fiscal year 2013-14.