ISLAMABAD - A fire broke out in the lecture hall of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) on Tuesday resulting in a financial loss and causing trouble for the patients and the staff.

The fire was caused by the short-circuiting of power wires that completely destroyed the furniture and computers of the lecture hall, informed Ayesha Essaani, Deputy Executive Director of Pims.

The inferno started at the lecture hall of Medical ward 6 around 1 o’ clock at noon and gutted the hall entirely. The smoke also engulfed the adjoining wards and galleries, which caused difficulty in inhalation to the medical staff, patients and their attendants. According to officials, due to the short circuit nearby lying sofa caught the fire and then the multimedia of the lecture, which gradually spread throughout the hall.

Later, the security staff of the hospital overpowered the fire before reaching the fire brigade there. ‘The hospital has oxygen pipes fitted in its walls and to switch them off was a real challenge to prevent further loss. The doctors and the staff immediately switched off the oxygen pipes due to which major loss was averted’ said a doctor who was on duty at that time.

Though, no one was harmed but the emitting smoke, plastic and other particles emitting from blaze caused trouble for the medical staff, patients and attendants of the nearby wards who were evacuated.