Los Angeles-Actress Karen Gillan reveals the speed of her transformation from flamed-haired siren to shaven-headed superhero.

From Renee Zellweger piling on the pounds for the role of Bridget Jones’s Diary, to Matthew Matthew McConaughey losing a purported three stone to play an AIDS victim in Dallas Buyers Club, actors often undergo lengthy physical transformations to get into character. But while Karen Gillan’s shaving her head for Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy required rather less commitment - “I fell asleep in my chair and woke up two hours later with no hair. It was hilarious,” - the change in her appearance was certainly no less dramatic.

Fortunately, though, she saw the funny side: “The day they cut my hair off, everyone was creeping around, being extra complimentary, because they all been briefed they might have a sobbing actress on their hands,” she told Metro. “It was hilarious.” However, those trademark flame-coloured locks still remain in her possession as they were turned into a wig - “each strand was put into lace - it’s amazing,” she marvelled, “they didn’t want to leave me bald and unable to work.”

Ever the comedian, though, she can’t resist taking it off half way through meetings: “It’s fun to see people’s reactions.”