Eidul Adha, an important Muslim festival celebrated to revive the sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), will be celebrated amid tight security here in South Punjab region on Wednesday (today).

Over 4000 contingents are deployed to safeguard about1000 Eid congregations taking place across Multan district. Similarly, the Eid prayer will be offered at over 300 places in Multan city area including Markazi Eidgah, Jamia Darul Hadith Mohammadia, Jamia Khairul Madaris, Jamiaul Uloom, Markaz Ibnul Qasim, Jamia Rehmania, Gulistan Marriage Club, Masjid Shuhada Alkhair, Masjid Ashraf, Shrines of Hazrat Bahaudden Zakariya and Hazrat Shah Rukan-e-Alam, Jamia Anwarul Uloom and Ghausia Masjid. Special prayers will be held for the security, solidarity, progress and prosperity of the country following Eid Namaz.

Meanwhile, the Multan Waste Management Company cancelled the holidays of its entire staff for keeping the city clean on Eidul Adha. Company’s spokesman said that over 300 containers were placed at different spots to facilitate the citizens. “The citizens are request to dispose of the remains of their sacrificial animals in these containers.

The sanitation staff will empty these containers on daily basis,” the spokesman added. According to details, a total of 2200 sanitary workers, 200 baildars will offer eid duty with the help of 30 tractor-trolleys, 12 dump trucks, 16 lifters, 800 hand carts and 60 rickshaws. 

Similarly, a control room has also been set up at the headquarters of the company and its officers will remain on duty round the clock during three days of eid to address the complaints made by the citizens.