In today’s modern world, what I find most difficult is what to believe in. The media has flooded our minds with so much information that it is hard to make up one’s mind about anything. There is no black and white now, but instead, so many shades of grey. We are all overwhelmed by the facts and figures thrown at us; the news and its details vary from anchorperson to anchorperson, and the contradictions are so wide, that the common man is left confused as to who is telling the truth.

The 24-hour news channels have turned even the tiniest story into a juicy ‘breaking news,’ half of which turns out to be completely wrong by the next morning. Lots of broadcasted information, as well as pictures and audio can easily be photo-shopped and changed to suit one’s desire. The sources that are supposed to give us correct and accurate information have become the most questionable.


Lahore, September 23.