The status quo in Pakistan presents a bleak scenario. A circular crisis is perhaps the right term to ascribe to the inexplicable sequence of hapless events that Pakistan is witnessing. As if the infamy caused by the dharnas, bouts of polio and reemergence of terrorism was not enough, we now are assailed by border skirmishes with India. The unprovoked firing by Indian military has burst the idealistic bubble of Indo-Pak peace talks. Every bullet that finds its way into the Pakistani territory reiterates the claim of political gurus who had predicted the escalation of tensions between the two nations following the election of Modi.

It surely is not a blame game. India blatantly blames us for initiating the firing but why would we believe it when we know quite well that it is their guns that have still not been able to digest the very creation of Pakistan. How can we accept the fact that Modi cannot go against Pakistan when he has a history of being an ardent supporter of RSS, which played a vital role in destruction of Babri Mosque? How can we forget the heinous scenes of the Gujarat tragedy, in which innocent Muslims were brutally killed and that too under the Chief Minister-ship of Modi?  How can we forget Modis’ stance on Kashmir in the UN General Assembly just recently, and how can we forget India’s role in Balochistan insurgency?

It is ironic to note that India aspires to acquire membership of UNSC, but its very own acts negate the UN resolution of 1948, that stated that a plebiscite was to be held to determine whether Kashmir wanted to accede with India or Pakistan. Sixty seven years have passed but it never happened. If India really aspires to have peaceful relations with Pakistan, then it must stop its back-stabbing because we are capable enough to strike back at any treachery practiced by them.


Lahore, October 10.