Every year passing comes with the grim reminder of September 11 (9/11), which marked one of the most disparaging and destructive events of modern time, in which 2977 people who lost their lives. A thousand theories have cropped up regarding this atrocious event but the pity is that it has become the epicentre where from all the mess of modern terrorism started. At the end of the day humans died, and it does not matter what religion they belonged to.  

Faith is a personal decision. We need to transcend our limited minds to preserve human lives. Undoubtedly, this incident has changed the course of world history (past-present), subsequently, it caused the deaths of 2 million innocent people through the wars that came after. USA has played a key role in these wars; many Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Pakistan are suffering the consequence of 9/11 directly or indirectly. In the larger view of the intelligentsia, Pakistan should have not participated in the war on terror in the first place because more than 50,000 lives have been lost and counting is on.  

We are being portrayed as the world’s most dreadful nation – the secular voices are over-shadowed by a few frivolous voices which is a pitiable position. In fact, war is a phenomenon of which the military’s part is very small, the ultimate losers are civilians who are non-combatants. It is the civilians who pay for war in lives, homes and hearths; everyday our participation in the war on terror haunts every citizen. 


Hyderabad, September 23.