Country needs 1,564,000 adult literacy centres

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan requires establishing a total of 1,564,000 Adult Literacy and 211,375 Non-Formal Centres during the years 2018-2025 to achieve 90 percent literacy rate by the year 2025.

This was revealed by the data compiled by UNESCO and National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) for developing National Plan of Action for Literacy (2018-2025). A total of 118,500 Adult Literacy Centres require to be established during the year 2018, 181,125 in 2019, 185,625 in 2020, 189,000 in 2021, 192,375 in 2022, 196,875 in 2023, 295, 750 in 2024 and 204,750 in the year 2025. The country needed to establish 625,600 public sector Basic Literacy Centres during 2018-2025, 156,400 private sector centres, 312,800 Functional literacy and skill based learning centres, 156,400 Each One Teach One Programme, 156, 400 Community Learning Centres plus three level literacy centres and 156,400 Literacy Centres by Deeni Madaris.–APP



PBM helps over 833,000 needy

 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) had so far provided help to over 833,000 needy persons in the areas of education, financial assistance, health etc, official sources said.As many as 26,000 children have already completed their education in 158 Child Rehabilitation Centres working in various areas of the country. Whereas 23,290 children have already been admitted in various other government institutions after completing their studies in these centres. They said over 136,000 women had already completed their training in 157 Women Empowerment Centres, while over 10,320 women were being provided vocational training in these centres.

He said 68,430 deserving children had so far been extended financial help in the name of Child Support Programme which is continued in eight districts.–APP


World Day of Eradication of Poverty tomorrow

 ISLAMABAD: International Day for Eradication of Poverty will be observed on October 17 (Tuesday) across the globe including Pakistan.

The aim and objective of the day is to chalk out a common strategy for the eradication of poverty. In this context different NGOs will organize seminars and symposiums to eradicate the poverty in which poverty experts will put forward various proposals. According to a UN report there are one billion people who sleep hungry across the globe owing to poverty.

Under the auspices of the UN the day is observed every year on October 17.–Online