CHINIOT-The girl, who went missing 20 days ago and was stated to be eloped with someone, was murdered by her family for honour, disclosed the police here on Sunday

Police resolved the honour killing case with the help of informers. The murder was concealed by the family saying that she had eloped.

The informer tipped-off the Barana police that 26 years old Rani Bibi, a resident of Chowk Maddad Ali, had probably been killed by family in the name of honour. On the tip-off, the police searched for the girl whose family members said that she had eloped with someone. But the police continued investigation and took into custody her brother Javed and uncle Fateh Sher.

After investigation, the accused confessed that they had killed her with an axe and buried the dead body in the sugarcane crops fields. She was married some years ago but got divorce and was living at the paternal house.

His brother confessed, "She came back home at midnight and could not give reasonable answer where she had gone, I got infuriated, took the axe and cut the body from head. Then with the help of my uncle, buried the dead body in the crop fields and told others that she had eloped last night."

Police said they had network of informers in villages due to which the strange case was unearthed and solved.

District Police Officer Mustanser Feroz announced cash and appreciation certificates for the team. He said that effective vigilance can minimise the honour killings. An FIR has been registered under sections 302-148-149.