KASUR-Officials of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) are cracking down on small shopkeepers and have allegedly ignored the big shots, selling unhygienic foodstuff across Kasur district with impunity.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that the PFA teams seal small shops and flour grinding machines without any concrete proof. During the survey, shopkeepers told The Nation that the food authority officials destroy flour and other foodstuffs during raids calling them unhygienic. The officials do not even send the samples of flour and other items, which they call unhygienic, to laboratory for tests, they regretted. They alleged that the PFA officials take thousands of rupees as bribe to allow them reopen their sealed shops. They said that an official of the PFA, who is resident of Kasur, visits shopkeepers and demand bribe from them to avoid the PFA raids. In case of refusal, their shops are raided repeatedly. They informed The Nation about "Golden Chakki" which, they said, was raided four times in 10 days. "Ironically, big food outlets and stores in the district are safe from the PFA raids and are serving unhygienic foods to people," they said. They also criticised the PFA officials for, "what they said," conniving with the big shots against small shopkeepers. They demanded Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif look into the matter and ordered an inquiry.

When contacted, PFA Safety Officer Yasra Amir refused to comment on the issue. When a call was made to Deputy Commissioner Saira Umar, she showed ignorance about the situation, saying the PFA officials do not contact any department and conduct raids according to their own plans.