Islamabad - Portugal has established Camoes Corner in National Book Foundation Islamabad. It is a state-of-the-art and beautiful addition in the foundation along with others places.

Engineer Aamir Hassan, Federal Secretary for National History and Literary Heritage Division was the chief guest and Joao Paulo Sabido Costa High Commissioner of Portugal in Pakistan attended this ceremony as Guest of Honour at the opening ceremony of “Camoes Corner” in NBF established in the name of National Poet of Portugal, “Luis Vas de Camoes”. A large number of people from different walks of life were also present in this event.

At this auspicious event, the chief guest, Engineer Aamir Hassan, said that NBF has been inculcating book culture and disseminating of book promotion among people. He said that NBF is following its dream as, book in hand of everybody and it is striving hard in this regard.

The Managing Director, Dr Inam ul Haq Javeid said, “I, after assuming his charge of assignment according to mandate of NBF, initiated several schemes for Book promotional activities.

 It is also a part of that series to establish special corners in the names of eminent poets and writers of our brotherly Islamic and other friendly countries.” The MD further expressed that the Nazami Ganjvi corner was set up in the name of prominent poet of Azerbaijan in December, 2014 and then, the Hafiz Shirazi Corner here in the name of world fame Persian Poet of Iran, Hafiz Sheraz was established.

He said that the expenditures incurred over these corners were born by their respective embassies. Further, he said about future plan and activities of NBF that NBF has a slogan “Book Leads to Peace”, which gives a strength of our commitments. He told about Readers Club Scheme that on availing this scheme, a member can get 55 per cent discount over the purchased books. In this year, the government has increased the amount of the scheme from 30 million to 35 million and the limit of purchase of books on this card has also been enhanced from 5 thousand to 6000.

Joao Paulo Sabido Costa High Commissioner of Portugal in Pakistan said that the Camoes Corner of Portugal has been designed in Arch shape. He explained about this corner that there are the write-up collection of books consists of recognized Poet of Portugal, Mr. Luis Vas de Camoes and books of others Portugal famous writers. “This corner will definitely play a vital role and be a cause of close friendly cultural and literary relations between both countries,” he stated.