Islamabad - The residents of Chashma Town, New Sohan have appealed to the Chief Commissioner Islamabad Zulfiqar Haider to spur up the contractors working on laying down sewerage line in the area, as slow pace of work has hampered daily routine of the inhabitants of the locality.

The area falls in the jurisdiction of UC-21 at the outskirts of the city.

Dr Chishti who is Chairman of Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) and Coordinator of United Religions Initiatives, Multi Cooperation Circles, Islamabad Capital Territory (URI MCCI ICT) in his appeal said that work on laying down sewerage lines began in mid June 2017 after an extensive drive by the area dwellers. “After the approval of the budget during 2016-2017, Public Works Department awarded contracts to four contractors to complete the task of laying down sewerage line in the area where majority of the residents comprises members of minorities including Christians and some Muslim and Hindu families,” he added.

The work on laying down sewerage line in the area, Dr Chishti said, began in June 2017 and total length of the project is 4700 feet.

“Every contractor has to complete 1175 feet length of the sewerage line and every contractor till date has completed only few feet long sewerage line in last 120 days,” he said adding this has created problems for the area dwellers as it has become problematic for them to cross the streets. Most of the streets are dug up and the remaining is full of open sewage. Dr Chishti said that the area dwellers fear that the pace of work will create numerous problems for them as they can hardly move in the area and all their routine works have been disturbed and if the pace of the work remains the same than they will have to suffer more. He has appealed to the chief commissioner to urge PWD and contractors to speed up the work to ease the miseries of the inhabitants of the area.

Naimatullah Khan, another resident of the area said that the residents have been suffering from respiratory diseases due to the dust caused by digging for laying the pipeline. He said that the concerned quarters should come up with a plan to keep the residents protective from the dust before executing a project. He appealed to the deputy Commissioner Islamabad to order speedy completion of the project.