The US foreign policy for Afghanistan has shockingly appeared after long delay. and is multi-dimensional. Donald Trump, the 45th president of the US has drawn the policy based on three cluster. First, Trump wants to deploy five thousand more US troops to Afghan hill. Second, he wants keeps an option of complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. Last, Uncle Sam creates an idea of privatising the long-lasting war on terror. According to world’s analysts, the above-cited first and last options are most recommended but second one can never be proven at any cost. 

As a result, the policy seems in a zigzag condition. Besides, this policy is largely being criticised by international leaders around the world. Trump has to realise that a 16-year long war has only provided mass destruction, famine and drought. Thus, the US must stop spoiling world peace and harmony. Trump administration has to now organise a platform where they both, Taliban and America, can negotiate to conclude the endless war on terror. Despite igniting the conflict, proper talk over the issue through negotiation is the mere policy to end the long-lasting war on terror and maintain peace of the world. 


Shikarpur, October 8.