I am going to highlight a very critical issue of Karachi that has grown due to no planning. Because of this issue Karachiites have been facing numerous problems and their lives have been made miserable. The main reason for traffic hazard in Karachi is just because of pathetic construction of roads. Moreover, traffic police has added fuel to the fire while the number of vehicles is also increasing rapidly. This altogether is making Karachi traffic a fuss.  

On the other hand, the public lacks awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations. The drivers of heavy vehicles are mostly less educated, because of which they don’t follow laws and keep on driving rash which often causes lethal accidents. Motorcyclists are also a major source of numerous accidents due to violation of laws, as firstly, they never bother to drive in their own lane and secondly, they keep on changing lanes in order to cross other vehicles and by doing so, they often end up sliding or colliding with cars. The only solution to all these woes is just awareness of traffic laws for Karachiites, as the more the masses are made aware of traffic laws and how to drive safely, the better the traffic of Karachi will be and safer the driver will feel. 


Karachi, October 12.