Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are moving close to each other to have an economic hug. The kingdom has shown its inner interest in cooperating with Pakistan under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Interestingly, Riyadh will be investing in energy, mineral and oil sectors. This is really a great initiative that opens the doors of economic-development opportunities for Pakistan. 

It is believed that Imran Khan’s first foreign visit to Riyadh proved fruitful and opened cool relationship window with Saudi Arabia. However, Pakistan seeks financial assistance from Saudi for the government initially needed $12 billion to overcome the economic crisis. But let’s hope, Pakistan successful gets its economic targets persuaded within Saudis 2030 planning under CPEC. 

On the contrary, it may be true that Saudi has suddenly come to cooperate Pakistan so that the country could support kingdom in Yemen conflict. Pakistan has to maintain the same policy of neutrality in such a fatal conflict. As, 

Pakistan has already measured the kingdom’s relationship on multiple bilateral ties including military, cultural and religious. Though, the country knows how to deal with Saudi diplomatically. 


Shikarpur, October 4.