The verbal spat between a Senator belonging to PML(N) and a sitting Minister of PTI and unparliamentary language used on floor of Senate reminds you of comic exchanges between Mirasis/Bhands who used to entertain guests in wedding parties. The only missing thing was sound of leather clapping which accompanied verbal spat of obscenities between two stand-in comedians. 

Senator Mushahidullah resorted to citing poetry, which seems to be the only thing he excels in, the other being sycophancy that he masters, which made him climb the ladder from a controversial trade unionist to a member of Senate. The other gentleman Fawad Chaudhry, who manages to be centre of media attention, more for his foul mouth than his role as spokesman, could have revealed the facts relating to Mushahidullah in a more parliamentary language and his criminal role in destroying PIA. If ever a transparent investigation is conducted into roles of both Mushahidullah and Fawad Chaudhry, it would be very difficult to decide who excels in gross irregularities and using politics as tool to serve their vested interests, instead of serving the people or the cause of democracy. The ugly truth of how Mushahidullah used his political nuisance and clout as union leader to get his extended family recruited in PIA and than promoted and sent on foreign postings in violation of all rules is a fact. PIA today suffers from nepotism and malpractices of few within its employees who inspite of their criminal record continue to be in overstaffed airline. There is an evil nexus within PIA which is involved in money laundering, pilfering its revenues, surrendering its routes, irregularities in procurement and destroying its corporate culture. 

In any case both National Assembly and Senate are not places for individuals whose sole claim to fame is shouting abuses and becoming a burden on the parties whose fault it was to enable them to perform roles for which they are least qualified. 


Lahore, October 4.