Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday constituted a committee, while hearing a case against private schools for charging excessive fee, headed by Federal Ombudsman to sort out the fees and formation of regulatory body.

According to the details, the committee has been assigned to get annual audit report from the private schools.

During the proceeding of the case the CJP remarked, "Education is not a product for sale."

"Parents should not be overstrained with the excessive fees," he emphasized.

The CJP said, "Private schools will neither be finished off nor will be nationalized but we will arrange an apt fee structure.

"Parents are eager to provide their children with quality education and directed private schools to submit audit report.

"Private schools charge the fee on whims that resulted into constant economic mess for the parents.

"These schools instead of imparting education are busy in making money as they have created a big gap between private and government schools.

"Education policy for private schools is inevitable under the circumstances when fees are imposed on the whims of the school owners," said the chief justice.

A three judge SC bench headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case and adjourned for an indefinite period.