LAHORE - A 60-year-old woman and her 35-year-old daughter were found slaughtered at a house in the limits of Sabzazar police early on Monday.

Police investigators say they believe both the women were killed by their relatives in the name of honour. The latest incident of honour killings took place at a house in Hassan Town late Sunday night. The police recovered the bodies on Monday morning.

The deceased women were identified as Parveen Bibi and Saima Bibi. They were residing at a rented house in the low-income neighbourhood. Parveen’s son is missing since last night, an official said on Monday.

A police official said unidentified killers slaughtered both the women with a sharp-edge and fled instantly. The bodies were lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom as police entered the room, the official said.

Sources close to the investigators said two relatives of the victims including the son of Parveen Bibi attacked and killed both the women for bringing shame to the family. The alleged attackers were at large till filing of this report.

The police later registered a double murder case against unidentified killers and launched the investigation. The bodies were shifted to the Mayo hospital for autopsy.

The incidents of killings for so-called honour are quite common in this crime-infested province. Last year, the provincial police reported at least 181 murders in the name of honour. Most of the victims were women who were killed by their relatives for brining shame to the family. In June, a young couple Salman and Noreen were shot dead at a house in Lahore’s Nishtar Colony. The couple was killed months after they had contracted love-marriage. According to police, they were shot in the heads by unidentified killers.