Career counseling can be considered amongst most import element for making career choices, by chance I met with a group of students they were deciding to choose their career after intermediate some of them were fully unaware about their future plan some of them had a little blur imagination for their career because of some other persons they know.

Their discussion made me realized that how much need of career counselling is in our youth? In their point view if any person had got job quick after graduation it means that department has huge scope in the society, they were encouraging and discouraging their selves by pointing out different persons’ examples who are at some key positions, they were following neither own nor parental paths they were just trying to follow persons with jobs that leads them towards failure and would damage their personality along with future.

This is because of lack of attention of our institutions there is no any single chapter or subject in syllabus designed by Sindh text book board till intermediate level. They should include specific topics, chapters or introduce subject consists of career counseling to pave path to save future of youth.