The British Royal Couple, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton have arrived in Pakistan for a five-day trip. This is a monumental moment for the country and a result of the rigorous diplomatic strides of the Foreign Ministry, as this tour will reinvigorate Pakistan’s ties with the United Kingdom (UK). Pakistan has been fighting relentlessly for the cause of Kashmir and the UK has been closely linked to it. The country at this point needs strong backing to push for the rights of the Kashmiris along with redirecting the focus on the Pakistani economy for investment and tourism.

The last Royal visit was back in 2006 when Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwell, Charles and Camilla visited Pakistan. Pakistan needs to reposition itself in the global political regime and assert a narrative that focuses on a development driven Pakistan, willing to welcome all cultures and expand on the globalist paradigm. In fact, the visit of TRH has already brought attention to several location ventures, one of which is the jewellery brand that has come to attention after Kate Middleton wore them. This shows how the Pakistani market has expanded exponentially and people are working in different sectors to empower themselves.

The Royal Couple will be given an extensive tour of the country showing the urban developed centres to the scenic Northern areas. This trip will develop an image favourable to Pakistan because for long the country has been associated with orthodoxy and terrorism. The trip has been planned so that The Royal Highnesses (TRH) can meet several people from different backgrounds working for the empowerment of the marginalised sections of the society. It is to also show the development that Pakistan has achieved over the years by controlling the security situation, improved law-making, and a provision of economic opportunities to several impoverished segments of the society.

Pakistan used to be a frequent visiting spot for the British but post 9/11 that influx has reduced to a very minimum level. This Royal visit will open the doors of the economy to the foreign tourists, who can certainly use the scenic beauty that Northern Pakistan offers. At a time when soft power plays a very important role, Pakistan can certainly welcome visits from the Royal family, who only add to the efforts of the government.