ISLAMABAD - The government has decided not to change the prices of the petroleum products for the remaining days of the month of October. The price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) will remain Rs 104.06, petrol Rs 103.97, kerosene Rs 65.29 and light diesel oil will be Rs 62.86 in the month of October, said a notification issue here Thursday. It is worth to mention here that for the first 15 days of October the Federal Government had reduced the price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) by Rs 2.40 per litre, while there was no change in the prices of petrol, kerosene oil and light diesel.


 The government is charging 17 per cent GST on all petroleum products. Apart from it, the government is also collecting petroleum levy (PL) on these products, which is directly taken from consumers. The government will charge Rs30 per litre on HSD, Rs27.32 on petrol, Rs11.43 on kerosene and Rs 9.44 on LDO. The current prices will be effective till 31st October.