Peshawar   -   The central president of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Anis Kaimkhani on Thursday said the ongoing tussle between government and opposition was just to attain power and nothing else. “Are they fighting for common people to reduce the skyrocketing prices of flour, sugar and ghee,” he questioned. 

Addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, he claimed that the ruling group was fighting to protect its interests, as the PTI government was also acting like previous rulers. “The prices of daily use items are increasing day by day and instead of facilitating people, the government is multiplying their problems,” he said. 

Flanked by PSP Vice Chairman Ashfaq Mangi and other party leaders, he said that Karachi, a mini Pakistan, needed much more attention. The PTI led government in the centre had promised time and again to launch development projects there, which proved as empty slogan so far.  Criticising PPP, he said the party was in power in Sindh for the last 12 years, but could not remove even waste and encroachments from the port city. 

“If anyone wants to know about the performance of the PPP government in Sindh, he or she must visit Larkana or Karachi,” Mr. Kaimkhani maintained.  

Kaimkhani said that PSP was not a linguistic part. “PSP is a party having workers from across the country. Today we are here in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to reorganize our party in the province.” He said that PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal would also visit Peshawar soon.