ISLAMABAD    -   Female students of Home Economic and Management Sciences (HE&MS) College F-7/2 on Thursday staged a protest over non-promotion to next grades during novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The intermediate students protested against college administration and Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (FE&PT) and demanded to release the cancelled result of the students.

Dozens of students while sloganeering against the college administration and the ministry said that students all across the country were promoted to next grades during COVID-19 situation, but they were not.

Students said that neither their exams were conducted, nor they were promoted and now they are unable to proceed for admission in universities and their academic year has been lost.

A student Fareeha Ahmed said that despite of raising the matter before the college administration, the issue was not resolved and now the intermediate students have lost their academic year.

Another student Maham Ali said that the college is affiliated with the Punjab University like Lahore College of Home Economics, students of the latter college have been passed but our college students have not been promoted to next grades.

Mohammad Ikram, father of a student, said that students were kept in confusion for long period and now they have been asked for exams.

Government must have taken exams earlier or promote the students to next grades to save their academic year.