It is okay to listen to the news but it’s upsetting to listen to the same news on a daily basis that makes you feel scared and worried. I don’t know why but people don’t understand this fact that when women and girls read and hear about rape, gang rape, sexual harassment, honour killing and continuous victim-blaming, it builds up a kind of trauma in our mind that scares us and we start visualizing things like those women could be us or our loved ones. I know I’m not alone in this; every girl around me may have the same thoughts.

Many people talk about their journeys and about the times that they have gone alone on road trips, travelled all alone and slept in their cars, parks hotels and hostels. What about women? We are not allowed to travel at night. We will be asked: why did she travel without her man, why is she taking her kids with her and many more. We continuously blame the victims, even those who are being raped, murdered and burnt so badly and found somewhere in unrecognizable condition.

Rape culture is actually a social environment that is allowing sexual violence to be normalised and justified and blaming the victims. Rape is not the fault of survivors or victims.

Instead of teaching women to change their appearance and behaviours in order to not get raped, teach men not to rape and respect women. For this we need to reform the societal behaviour over this disease that can not be cured automatically.

Besides society, our system and government have an important role to play to deal with such horrific crimes that we often hear on daily basis. There should be public hanging of rapists so that sick people think twice before shaming humanity.

Please don’t blame the victims, blame and hang the culprits and rapists who targeted those small flowers and our heavens.

May Allah guide us on right path.