Misbah-ul-Haq’s decision to step down from his role as the chief selector is better late than never. With resignation from the post, he has relieved himself of the extra burden on his shoulders. He can now focus purely on his coaching role for the national team. Modern sports teams separate the two roles. Misbah while performing the two tasks together perhaps realised the rationale behind the separation of the jobs. Yet there is a question worth asking. Why was the board initially so insistent on keeping one person, who would be able to do justice in the two positions?

A successful captain or coach does not mean that by default, they are an excellent choice for taking up the role of the chief selector and a coach simultaneously. Responsibilities should not be handed out on a ‘catch-all’ basis. Such practices are the reasons behind our cricket team’s inconsistency. The cricketing board must bring in a dedicated resource for the vacant position. It will be better to find a person who can select a team member based on performance rather than personal likes or dislikes. This is the way to make the selection process more transparent as well.

Still, credit goes to Misbah for realising that the new cricket association system consumes much of the chief selector’s time. Doing two jobs under the new scheme was impossible. His decision to leave the selector’s position is timely and right. Misbah as the head coach can indeed do wonders. He can teach the players how to stand the ground in a difficult situation, which our players lack. He intends to take the national cricket team into the top three in all formats and keep them there for as long as possible. While his desire seems ambitious, it is not impossible now that he can put all energy into coaching the team.