Food safety is a global concern as its absence is the reason for the deaths of more than 600 million people annually. Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of the top-ranking countries where food safety is still a major concern and very little work is being done to handle this calamity, often by NGO’s and private companies or individuals.

Unsafe food poses serious threats to human health. More than 200 diseases were found to transmit through contaminated food. Apart from affecting health conditions and increasing mortality rates, it is also responsible for increasing the burden of disease.

Proper food handling is key to prevent food safety hazards. It is not less than a blessing that a regulatory body exists in Pakistan which actually knows the importance of food safety. It is the Punjab Food Authority, which is committed for the provision of safe food to consumers. Food standard is monitored from farm to folk during all stages of food preparation through raids and inspections conducted under the supervision of Director General PFA Mr Irfan Nawaz Memon. Besides strict monitoring, another initiative taken by PFA includes up-gradation of the modern food industry through training of food manufactures, workers and food business operators.

We need to understand the fact that public health is inextricably linked with food safety. By improving hygiene and nutritional status of society we can achieve sustainable goals of development. It is our responsibility to adopt healthy hygienic practices while handling food in order to curb the deadly effects of improper food handling.