IT is disturbing to learn that despite the recent raise in power tariff by over 30 per cent that should bring down consumption, the people continue to face prolonged load shedding. The situation all over the country is bleak but worse off in Karachi where people have been gathering in crowds on the streets to protest against the persistent power outages. One cannot help but feel pity for them and lend ears to their slogans that they would not foot the bill if the supply was not made smooth. Reportedly a conductor providing electricity to some colonies has been stolen cutting off the supply. However the truth is that the government's failure to bridge the constantly widening gap between supply and demand in the mega city is indeed the element that is causing all the trouble. A team has been formed by the Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf to fix the problem but it is unlikely that the power deficiency would vanish in this manner. It is quite strange that whenever asked about some technical problem the federal minister simply explains the matter away by saying that he was just a layman. Little wonder the power crisis persists despite his statement made shortly after the elections that the plague would be done away with in a few months.