Some of our eminent defence analysts include names such as General Aslam Beg, General Asad Durrani and General Talat Masood. They have all served the nation well and are also enlightening us on defence issues through their views expressed on various channels. Lately, some new faces have also appeared on these channels who, to say the least, do not have the requisite understanding of matters pertaining to defence. This is the impression I got while listening to a certain General Tariq in a TV's programme. I am afraid he does not know anything about the operations in our tribal areas. He termed it as an 'insurgency' which it is not. This is terrorism, General The perpetrators are not Pakistanis but the victims are. It is important to know the difference. Only then will we counter it appropriately. -KHURAM KHAN, Lahore, via e-mail, September 11.