KARACHI - The Ministry of Federal Law and Justice extended the profession duration of six additional judges of Sindh High Court for more six months on Monday, while the notification has been issued on the regard by the concern authority, said the official. As per detail, the ministry concern has issued the notification to extend the profession duration of six additional judges, including, Justice Abdul Rahman, Justice Farooq Peerzada, Justice Mehmood Alam Rizvi, Justice Zafar Ahmed Sherwani, Justice Abdul Rahseed Klor, and Justice Salman Ansari. These judges had taken oath recently as they were among deposed judges, who did not take oath under PCO in previous regime. The division bench of SHC comprises of Justice Khelji Arif Hussain and Justice Bin Yameen conducting the hearing on the petition regarding against decreasing the Hajj quotas, the bench was adjourned for two days. The hearing was conducted on the four petitions; the bench adjourned the case after accepting the request made by the government that requested the court to get more times on this regard. They submitted that the decision of decreasing the Hajj quota was the unconstitutional and un-Islamic. Petitioners made respond to the Federal Ministry of religious affairs and said that due to such initiative, the Pakistanis companies would be black listed by the Saudi government.