ISLAMABAD (Online) - Army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas has claimed that militants in Swat are getting arms from Afghanistan and security forces have tightened the noose around militants in Swat and they will be captured or eliminated. In an interview to an American radio channel, Athar Abbas said that security forces had surrounded the militants in Kabal and Kozah Banday, the most stressed areas, and all the militants would be killed or arrested. "Operation in Bajaur Agency is still continuing and security forces have taken the control of wide area. The migrants will be called back to their homes and roads are open for traffic now", he said. "Operation in these areas was started to establish government's writ and the announcement of ceasefire was according to terms of no action from both sides yet militants continuously target the check posts of security forces so government planned to restart the action", he added. To a question, he said that according to his acknowledgement no dialogue was under process between any militia group in Swat. He said that local lords and tribes had control over some areas had shown their interest to exile the militants from their areas and to protect their lands. "Militants have strong base centres in Swat and when land forces can't trap them, then we take advantage of air strikes as well", he added. Abbas said that militants used local innocent people as human shield, which sometimes, sometimes, the action against them a very careful job.