THE resignation of Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has caused quite a stir. The reason is obvious, though according to his own version it was 'in the interest of smooth working of the parliament' that he stepped down. Some reports indicate that the real cause of resignation was the PPP-PML-Q patch up and the former's propensity to forge a new alliance in Punjab. Mr Elahi, according to sources, could be handed out some important portfolio at the centre while arrangements might be made in Punjab for a PML-Q led government. Hardly anyone would have been able to imagine the present political scenario a few months back particularly the prospect of Q-league gaining political ascendancy. It now seems as if the party has become indispensable to the survival of the government. Not long ago the PML-Q for its association with former President Musharraf was thought to be the source of all trouble and came under attack from both the PPP and PML-N with the former calling it Qatil league while the latter insisting that they wouldn't even touch it with a pair of tongs. But thanks to the mutual acrimony between the two, the party is now back in the driver's seat. This might be good for the party but it is a pity to see the PPP and PML-N reverting to the politics of the 90s. This has put paid to the hope raised in the aftermath of Feb 18 elections of a new era in Pakistan's politics.