WASHINGTON - The US military on Monday denied reports that Pakistani troops fired on two American military helicopters after they crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and forced them to turn back. "I've checked into that and find it to be a spurious report," Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told mediamen. "Did not happen. I've checked all the places that would know about something like that and it doesn't appear to be accurate." Whitman was speaking after reports that US helicopters were fired upon near Angoor Adda, a village in South Waziristan where officials say US Commandos in helicopters raided a suspected al Qaeda and Taliban camp earlier this month. "I cannot find any mission that correlates to the report I saw out of Pakistan. I can't find any military report of helicopters being fired upon," Whitman said. Pakistani military spokesman Major Murad Khan said there had been shooting. But he denied that American helicopters had crossed into Pakistani airspace and said Pakistani troops were not responsible for the firing.