ISLAMABAD - The advance technologies has revolutionised the world. With the advent of new technologies we often used to listen that world has changed into globalize world, as it has affected the business of many like the sellers of Eid cards. Its very easy to send a greeting card to loved ones through Internet and there is no need to spend money for this purpose. Eid card sellers had to wait for the customers as modern technology like Internet is the source to greet the kith and kin on specific occasions. Few years back, there was a flood of people who rushed to Eid card stalls to buy it especially in Ramazan but now these stalls are empty and the vendors are sitting idle. Sending Eid greetings via electronic mail (e-mail) and mobile phone has reduced the business of paper Eid cards by almost 50 per cent, comparing to few years backm, TheNation learnt during a survey. It was observed that the vendors of Eid cards wait for the customers all the day and on average they only sale 15 to 20 cards. While talking to TheNation Naveed shah said that he was doing this job from last six-year but the sale of Eid cards is declining every passing year because of scientific revolution (mobile phone and Internet). He further said that now only the young children purchase Eid cards. Cards with picture of Harry Potter are popular among Primary and Secondary level students, particularly girls. Younger children prefer to buy cartoon Eid cards, he added. Muhammad Aalam a retailer of Eid cards said that the average sale of traders has dropped by 50 to 70 per cent in few years and it is because of the emergence of the Internet technology, he added.