I agree with the views expressed by Mr. Khurshid Anwer in your column on September 11. Most of us acknowledge that the present political change was ignited by the momentous struggle of lawyers in support of the defiance shown by the deposed CJ before an autocratic ruler. The political parties also joined in later to be a part of this popular movement. The PPP was an active participant until it came in government. One fully remembers the significant PPP presence on May 12, 2007 in Karachi where they also suffered some casualties. That is why it is surprising now to hear PPP spokespersons express reservations about the deposed CJ for being allegedly politicized. This marked contradictions in their present thinking defies reason and to say the least is a bit unfair. -DR ZULFIQAR HAIDER, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, September 11.