HAVING been annoyed by Pervez Musharraf's removal, the US is launching attacks on Pakistan's territory to pressurise the sitting government, said PPP central leader and Leader of the House in Senate Raza Rabbani, adding that the government, however, was committed to defend the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. "America is annoyed with the sitting government because of ouster of its pet leader Pervez Musharraf, and wants the new government to pursue the American agenda as it was done by Musharraf," Rabbani told a private TV channel on Monday. According to him, the government has adopted a positive and principled stance over the issue of the US attacks on tribal areas. He further said that the US envoy, first time ever, was called by the Foreign Ministry and a protest was lodged over the territorial violation by US forces. The central PPP leader said that the US, through attacks on tribal areas, wanted to force the government to obtain results of its own will, as it had been doing in the Musharraf regime. As the government announced to remove Musharraf through impeachment, a specific lobby in the West hand launched a campaign against the government and Pakistani agencies, he added. He said that Pakistan would not let anyone violate its territorial integrity, and if there was any substantiated intelligence, it should be shared with Pakistani officials. He kept on saying that only Pakistani forces had right to operate in its territory.  Rabbani said the government respected the mandate the people had given in February 18 elections. 'We are committed to resolve the national issues', he said. He said the US was launching missile attacks to mount pressure on Pakistan. He said that the government would not allow the country's sovereignty to be put at stake. He kept on saying that a multi-pronged strategy would be pursued in tribal areas to counter war on terror.