It is encouraging to note that international donor organizations and friendly countries are providing relief and assistance by the planeloads for our flood-affected people. They are also involved in relief and assistance operations being conducted, directly as well as indirectly, ensuring the flood victims receive the needed assistance as early as possible. Pakistans giant friend, Peoples Republic of China has not only dispatched relief goods but also sent relief teams for working in the affected areas alongside the local government machinery and people. Chinas love and sincerity for Pakistan is historic and has left innumerable landmarks that are golden sheds in our collective memories. That is why the people of Pakistan describe China with genuine affection as an 'all-weather friend we can rely on in every situation and circumstance. But another big neighbour of markedly different history, India has acted the way it always has on these show of affections. Taking exception to the presence of Chinese relief team members in the Gilgit-Baltistan area, India has shown a concern that would be termed insensitive by some. As far as the people of Pakistan are concerned, the Indian 'concerns are simply baseless and unfounded. China and Pakistan respect sovereignty and security of all others because we both believe in peaceful coexistence, none of us having aggressive designs against any other country. There is, then, the bitter fact, substantiated by record of international media that India has never let go of any opportunity of harming Pakistan, the most recent stabs in the back known to everyone. That New Delhi does not want flood-affected people of Pakistan to be provided relief and assistance by China is obvious from its expression of concern. But why does it not have the same concerns on the presence of US personnel and helicopters in the flood-affected areas of Pakistan is not very clear. And just a question at the end, would those in New Delhi describe this act as friendly or neighbourly? -ASMAAR B.M. SHAIKH, Lahore, September 9.