There is no denying Governor Taseers contention, in an interview with Waqt TV channel, that if the country could have a water apportionment accord with India, why cant the provinces sit together and hammer out an understanding on Kalabagh dam to pave the way for its construction. This is a sane piece of advice given the fact that it can turn out to be the right platform for building consensus on the project. The federal as well as provincial governments must waste no time in finding a way out. The leadership should see the issue through the prism of reason. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Gilanis topsy-turvy stand means that the project could be delayed indefinitely. He ought to realise that KBD is really the need of the hour, since level-headed leaders from within the PPP are also now urging its construction. A significant point that Governor Taseer made was that since Pakistans climate system was similar to that prevailing in Bangladesh, with fickle monsoon rains that could suddenly burst into an uncontrollable deluge, only large reservoirs were needed to counter the threat posed by these rains and flooding. The argument is quite strong, as this time around we have experienced at first hand, the consequences of letting the crucial project be hijacked by vested interests. The Governors irritation is understandable on the score that despite the Indus Waters Treatys provision calling for the construction of five large dam, only two, Tarbela and Mangla, were built and the rest ignored. And the entire country now has to suffer catastrophic consequences for not building KBD and instead turning it into a political football. Besides, keeping in view the referendum conducted by Nawa-i-Waqt group, that showed 99 percent of the voters giving a go-ahead to the venture, there is no doubt that the masses themselves have realised that the dam is simply indispensable for Pakistan. They would hold the leaders accountable if they still ignore this vital project.