It is important to circumvent the possibility of waste, or pilferage, in the delivery of aid to the flood-stricken, be it in cash or kind. That can be achieved by appointing an Integration Coordination Committee for Floods to utilize every penny, or grain of wheat, rice or chaff that is given whether from within or outside Pakistan. The media especially television channels should make it possible to telecast the exact needs of designated relief centers or other SOS call centers which should then be fulfilled through well-supervised and scrutinized catering. I would request the Chief Minister Punjab and heads of other provincial governments to make the execution of this idea possible in their respective precincts. I would, however, take this opportunity to request all television anchors and newscasters, as well as their guest speakers of talk shows, to desist from politicizing the horrible condition of the flood-stricken to their political advantage. Even off hand, I can recall quite a few anchors & newscasters of various channels who have been constantly spewing poison against Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the PML-N in an apparent bid to please Mr Zardaris PPP. They are working on the hidden satanic agenda of MQM to break up Punjab by weakening Nawaz/Shahbaz Sharif. They have been sustaining their fraudulent, anti-political agenda by propagating the need for 'Inqalabi Martial Law which they hope to bring through inciting rebellion in the defense forces, civil society and people at large. This they can only do through subversion of the constitution for which they are liable to treason, a crime that is being ignored by the highest judiciary and being egged on by PML-Q, PPP, MMA, etc. They are all abetting in subversion of constitution. -M. ALI, Multan, September 14.