ISLAMABAD Thank God Finally the writers, poets and intellectuals are also mobilised to support the flood victims. The credit goes to Farzana Janan, comparatively a junior poetess, to mobilise all her senior ones and contemporaries to organise a series of four events to sensitise people about the miseries of the flood victims and to collect funds for them. Before this initiative, the National Language Authority (NLA) had formed a committee of writers and intellectuals as source of connection for those who want to contribute for the flood victims. But, unfortunately no significant step has been taken by the National Language Authority (NLA) or the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) for visible sensitisation of masses and the literati for vivid fundraising. What else the nation should expect from the organisations that have failed to even fulfil their mandate? In the gloomy state of affairs at such organisations, the individuals are an asset for the nation who could take their other colleagues out for a cause. The first event - a humorous poetry recitation was arranged here at the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) on Wednesday evening. Advocate Ghulam Farooq Awan was the chief guest. Renowned poet Anwar Masood had to preside over it but he could not turn up due to his bad health. The event was indeed a great a joy for the audience as well as inspiration to do more for the unfortunate ones hand in hand with their favourite poets. Among those who recited their humorous poetry on the occasion included Sarfaraz Shahid, Inaam-ul-Haq Javaid, Rashed Mateen, Fazal Elahi Bahar, Ittefaq Butt, Mubashar Salim, Aziz ur Rehman Faisal, Gul-e-Nazuk, Mian Tanveer Qadri and Farzana Janan. Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Ghulam Farooq Awan said that the floods were a catastrophe the government could not combat alone. All the segments of society have already come out to help the victim but we need to do more, so we need to urge people to keep on going their efforts to raise more funds for the flood victims, he said. He also appreciated the efforts of the writers and poets to sensitise masses and raise funds for flood victims through different events.