PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has strongly criticized the PPP and the MQM for promulgating a new local bodies ordinance in Sindh, saying that it was against the integrity of the country and a roadmap to divide Sindh. Addressing a press conference after visiting the site of Wednesday’s Baldia Town factory fire in Karachi on Friday, he cited lack of consultation over the law, as if that would somehow have made things all right. Mian Nawaz has been  too far in favour of new provinces to prevent such remarks of his themself provoking criticism. He, however, kept silent about the difference between this and his party’s support for the division of Punjab, as shown by its Punjab Assembly party’s support for a resolution calling for the creation of two provinces in South Punjab, out of Multan and Bahawalpur divisions.Mian Nawaz also announced Rs 300,000 each as compensation for each victim’s family on behalf of the Punjab government. What right he had as just a party leader and not an elected representative to make such an announcement on behalf of the Punjab government, is a question that must be answered. The Punjab government, by giving compensation is motivated by noble intentions, no doubt, but Mian Nawaz will also be asked how criminal negligence in Karachi is any worse than that in Lahore, where a tragedy of a similar nature occurred on exactly the same day. It was salutary that Mian Nawaz said that action must be taken against those responsible, whether the factory owners or government officials, we look forward to Punjab setting an example in accordance with these suggestions. It must not be forgotten that the tragedy was one of ignoring the law. It is not enough merely to pick holes in the relief and rescue or firefighting operations, as Mian Nawaz did, but positive measures must also be mentioned by the head of a party aspiring to win elections and the proof will be in their implementation in the Punjab, where Mian Nawaz will be judged for his party’s claims of good governance.