The Americans have done it again. Last year Terry Jones and his colleagues burnt our Holy Quran. The Americans and their government did not bother to register a case against him, what to talk about punishing him, obviously under the garb of ‘freedom of expression’ they are getting away with whatever they want to do. Now another anti-Islamic obnoxious film has been made and released by the Americans. As predicted, there have been violent protests in Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Palestine and Iran and Pakistan. The Ambassador in Libya has been lynched.Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama were quick to condemn the violence and demanded security for their diplomatic missions. Of course she added that American constitution guaranteed freedom of speech and expression and American Government doesn’t have anything to do with the making and releasing of the video. Why doesn’t she realise that these violent protests from the Muslim world are also a part of freedom of expression? Why is she complaining? The Americans must punish Terry Jones and his associates and the makers of this obnoxious film and in future stop all such ventures which harm and insult a large and practiced religion. They should draw a line between freedom of speech and expression of hatred against any religion and particularly against Islam.All the heads of Islamic states have been quick to condemn the violence but none has demanded punishment of the Americans who made the movie. We need to stand united on such issues and not give only lip service. So let sanity prevail and draw a line beyond which freedom of expression must end. PROF. DR MASOOD RASHID, Lahore, September14.