MARDAN – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Aman Jirga Chairman, Syed Kamal Shah Saturday said the law and order situation of the home district of Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti and police chief Akbar Khan Hoti was worsening day by day, but they closed their eyes.

Talking to media at Mardan Press Club, Syed Kamal Shah said the police stations of the district have become dens of criminals. He said corrupt officers were appointed Station House Officers (SHOs) of the police stations of the district due to which law and order situation are becoming worst day by day. He said that he informed police high-ups of the district about the corruption of some SHOs.

Syed Kamal Shah said that in the broad day light people are kidnapping and looting. He said that few days ago seven gunmen on gunpoint kidnapped two people from Mardan-Nowshera road in the limits of Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT) but police yet failed to trace the abducted people or trace the kidnapers. He added that posh area of Mardan Sheikh Maltoon Town (SMT) has changed in to the dens of kidnapers, car lifters and other criminal due to alleged corrupt SHO. He added that Sardar Mahtab Abbasi, Aftab Ahmed Khan Shephao, Pir Sabir Shah, Akram Khan Durani also remained Chief Minister of the province but during their government law and order situation of their home district was ideal.

He said that Ameer Haider Khan is Chief Minister but the law and order situation of his home district is bad. He added that the reason behind this situation is that the former Chief Ministers used to appoint honest and strict officers in their district but Ameer Haider Hoti search corrupt officers and appointed them in his district.

He added that Mardan district has become paradise for kidnapers, car lifer, dacoits and other criminals. Kamal Shah said the law and order situation was deteriorating, as the police officials were not performing duty diligently.

He added that Chief Minster for the sake of commission did a lot of developmental works in the district and due to the use of substandard materials several roads and other works changed in to ruins while ignored the law and order situation. He added that after one month this corrupt government will come to an end and accountability will be made of these corrupt people.