It is all very good for the Foreign Office to reaffirm its support for the Kashmiri struggle for right of self-determination in response to Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s concern about lack of enthusiasm on Islamabad’s part. However, the tone and tenor that in the past was evident in Pakistan’s moral, diplomatic and political backing of the struggle has clearly petered out, for otherwise activists and leaders in the Valley would not start feeling left out in the cold. Particularly, so far as the present setup is concerned, there is no element of urgency or commitment, even though at times statements of support are issued to dispel that impression. The government does not make its voice heard on platforms for instance bilateral meetings with India where it is crucial for it to take a stand. While General Musharraf put forward a whimsical solution to the imbroglio, to appear as something of a visionary, the present government has fared worse; it has simply brushed the issue aside largely to placate New Delhi that has been insisting that the issue be kept in low key in the talks.Some within the government might argue that it is treading a different course which revolves around building trust as a stepping stone but in reality this only adds up to egging India on in its false belief that the Valley belongs to it. It will put on hold a resolution of the conflict indefinitely.