Federal Interior Minister, Rahman Malik has said that the element of terrorism in Baldia town factory fire cannot be ruled out. He said whosoever is found guilty in the factory inferno would not be spared and added that the investigation was being conducted on three points to dig out the real causes of fire.

Talking to media persons on the occasion of his visit to the gutted factory, Rahman Malik said that the factory owners would not be harassed but those found involved in this tragic incident would be brought to justice.

He said that the threat of terrorism existed in the city according to the intelligence report. According to the initial report of the police the generator tripped and caused fire, while the boiler was also nearby.

Rahman Malik said that the report relating to generator causing fire was wrong, as it was working alright. The ill-fated factory didn’t catch fire due to boiler and generator.

He said no one would be harassed but whosoever found guilty of negligence would be brought to book. He further said late arrival of the fire brigade was also being investigated.